Hi, I'm Debbie. I have blonde hair and green eyes. I live in the south of England. I will always follow you back. people have stalked me.

@so_froot - im on Twitter so much more than Tumblr nowadays :-(

Love how it’s when I feel complete rubbish that I turn to Tumblr

Feeling so down lately

I need to talk to somebody that will be impartial and that will just tell me what’s what. Help? :(

Got properly cleared a month and a half ago and I’ve done nothing about it. I’m such a stupid person.

Last night was good

I just wish I could have spoken to people more..

I miss everyone

Debbie Lauren Ellis - Christmas Day 2012.

Actually haven’t been on Tumblr in so long it makes me sad

Haven’t felt this happy in so long. I can’t stop smiling. :’)

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